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Prices reflect typical cost and are subject to adjustment as necessary

String Instrument Repair Services:

Tuning FREE
Cello Pegheds $150.00
Violin/Viola Pegheds $150.00
Ebony peg replacement $29.00 each/$80.00 per set
Restring Service $30.00
Set Sound Post $20.00
Glue Fingerboard $45.00 & up
Cleat $100.00 per crack
Open Seam $100.00 and up
Broken Neck $200.00 and up
Scroll Repair $200.00 and up
Replace Violin/Viola Bridge $32.00 adjustable/45.00 fitted
Replace Cello Bridge $95.00 adjustable/129.00 fitted
Replace Bass Bridge $250.00 & up
Written Appraisal $55.00
Bow Rehair Service $75.00
Just Received Mail-Ordered Chinese String Instruments:

Set Bridge Violin/Viola $35.00
Set Bridge Cello $45.00
Set Bridge Bass $75.00
Set Sound Post $20.00
Up-Grade Strings Set Bridge Fee Waived
Fine Tuners Price of Tuners + $5.00 labor
Order Today 803.957.3707 / 803.732.6900