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Select the size of your PA system rental based on audience size and microphones needed.
Extra items may be added for listed daily rates

Small PA System $140.00 per day
2 Mics with Stands and Cables
1 Powered Mixer, 4 Channel $50
2 12'' Speaker Cabinets w/Cables $40/pr
2 Speaker Stands $10ea
1 AUX Input Cable FREE
Large PA System $240.00 per day
3 Mics with Stands and Cables $15.00ea
1 Line Mixer, 8 Channel


2 Powered Speakers with Cables $100.00/pr
2 Speaker Stands $10ea
1 Drop Cord $10ea
1 AUX Input Cable FREE
PA Delivery and Set-Up Fee $200.00
Student Band Outfit Rental $15.00 per Week
Student String Outfit Rental $15.00 per Week
Guitar Rental $40.00 per Week
Keyboard/Digital Piano Rental $150.00 per Week
PA rental equipment is picked up from the Lexington location. Saturday to Monday is considered as one day since we are closed Sunday.
Cash deposit of $100.00 or valid credit card information, ID, and signature required for all daily and weekly rentals.
Order Today 803.957.3707 / 803.732.6900