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Fender Tone Master FR-12 Flat Response Powered Speaker for Guitar Pedal Platforms


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The Tone Master FR-12 is a full range, flat response powered speaker designed for use with today's digital guitar amp modelers and profilers. Perfectly replicate every detail of your amp and effect models. The ultimate companion to the Tone Master Pro and the ideal solution for players who use modelers at home or on stage.

An integrated 1,000-watt power amp that delivers the volume and headroom needed for even the most demanding live performance. The 3-band active EQ and high frequency cut control allow players to fine tune their stage tone without altering the line output signal. Plus, the design of the FR series was inspired by classic Fender amplifiers for an authentic backline look and feel.

1,000 Watt Class-D Power Amp
12" Special Design Speaker
1" Wide Dispersion High Frequency Driver
3-Band Active EQ with High Frequency Cut Control
Integrated Tilt Back Legs
Lightweight Plywood Enclosure
Authentic Fender Amplifier Industrial Design

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