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Duets for All

These duets, playable on any two like or unlike instruments, cover a wide range of styles and music from baroque through contemporary eras, and they range in difficulty from grades I through IV.


  • March (Prokofiev)
  • Allegro (Mozart)
  • Dance (Kabalevsky)
  • Andante and Allegro
  • Bourree (Telemann)
  • Miniature No. 5 (Bartok)
  • Allegro Scherzando (Haydn)
  • Leaping (Kabalevsky)
  • Ecossaise (Beethoven)
  • A Farewell (Purcell)
  • Song of the North (Grieg)
  • March of the Tin Soldiers (Tchaikovsky)
  • Allegretto (Corelli)
  • The Mechanical Doll (Shostakovich)
  • The Adventures of Ivan (Khatchaturian)
  • Bouree (Handel)
  • Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 (Liszt)
  • Ballet of the Chicks (Moussorgsky)

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