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Rent-to-Own Details

Top quality brands - teacher approval is our mission

Beginner musicians don't need professional quality equipment, but they do need functional musical instruments. Give your beginner a fair chance to learn. Important qualities and expectations that our instruments meet: Durability - pieces that are supposed to move actually move and pieces that should not move actually stay. Intonation - musical pitches (or frequencies) match the correct sound with other instruments. Playability - a poorly made violin bridge can make it impossible to play and a trombone slide that doesn't work right will guarantee failure. Renting with Musician Supply and Music & Arts is worry free. If your instructor isn't completely satisfied with the instrument we will exchange it.


All rental payments apply toward purchase

Group 1 instruments: Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Violin, Viola and Percussion Kits rent for $30.00 plus tax /month. Alto Saxophones rent for $42.00 plus tax / month. Cellos rent for $50.00 / month. Rental credit accrues with each payment. Exchanging rental instruments does not effect rental credit total. Rent-to-own price varies with each instrument as tagged. Rental agreement will indicate how many payments before ownership.


No obligation to buy - cancel anytime

Simply return the complete rental outfit and billing stops. Slight cosmetic wear and tear is expected. Past due payments will still apply.


Liberal early purchase discounts

Up to a 45% discount off of the remaining difference between current rental credit and the original rent-to-own price.


Full damage liability and repair coverage option

LDW (liability damage waiver) is $7.00 / month for Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Violin, Viola and Percussion Kits, and $8.00 / month for Alto Saxophone and Cello. Repairs of accidental damage (like being dropped) will be done at no extra cost with optional LDW coverage. Without LDW, the customer takes full responsibility for the full rent-to-own price of the damaged rental instrument.


Automatic payments

Credit card processing of automatic monthly payments is free and waives the otherwise required credit check and/or security deposit , and the $1.50 statement fee is not applied.

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