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Epiphone 12 String Top Repair

Rutted 3/4 cello fingerboard

Rewire Vintage Gibson RD Bass with Chopped Up Wiring

Violin Broken Scroll Repair

Cello Broken Scroll Repair

Cello Broken Neck Repair

Cello Cracked Top Repair

Custom wiring EMG humbuckers with original middle single coil.

Poorly made basic violin nut we finished shaping

Adding a copper shield to a Strat Plus

Recreated semi-rigid hinges on Yahama MO-XF8 keyboard's broken black keys

Beats headphones with in line mic 3.5mm jack replacement

Broken loose USB jack re-soldered anchor points and wired in pins

Viola bow grip replacement using sterling silver wire and goat skin leather

Acoustic 12 String Bridge Shape Match Glue

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