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Prices reflect typical cost and are subject to adjustment as necessary

Fretted Instrument Repair Services:

Tuning FREE
Quick Restring $15.00 + strings
Deluxe Restring $30.00 + strings
Super Cleaning (abused guitars) $75.00 + strings (requires set-up)
Standard Set-Up $45.00 + strings
Floating Bridge Set-Up

$55.00 + strings

Add Deluxe Restring to Set-Up $10.00
Solder Work/Troubleshoot Wiring

$20.00 & up

Replace Standard Jack

Rewire $75.00 & up
Pick Up Install $45.00 each
Pick Up Install w/ Pick Up Purchase FREE
Drum Repair Services:  
Drum Tuning/Head Replacement $10.00 per drum
Snare Wire ONLY $10.00 + snare
Re-Thread Stripped Drum Hardware $15.00

Quick Restring includes: string installation, light cleaning, tuning, and play testing.

Deluxe Restring includes: complete cleaning, fret polishing, fretboard conditioning, correction of minor issues,
string installation, tuning, and play testing.

Set-Up includes: adjustment of all necessary points involved with instrument's playablility,
light cleaning, string installation, tuning, and play testing.
Nut, Nut Slots, Truss Rod, Bridge Saddles, Tremolo Adjustment, String Gauges, Playing Style of Owner, Evaluation of Fretwork
are the major factors in Set-Up Work.


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